Giving Back


When we started on this venture of inventing, creating and bringing a new product to market, we were so excited about the prospect of improving people’s lives by introducing them to a simple product that makes them feel better.

What we didn’t realize until we were knee deep in the business was that in the process of building Psi Bands, we were indoctrinated into an unofficial club of incredible mompreneurs.

There is no question in our minds that necessity really is “the mother of invention” as evidenced by some of the amazing products out now that were inspired by being a mom.

We have always subscribed to the idea of giving back to our fellow moms in business. Now, having made it well beyond start-up mode (Psi Bands are now selling at more than 13,000 stores throughout the country as well as across five continents), it is time for us to take all that we have learned in this journey and give back. One of our fellow mompreneurs, Angela Jia Kim founder of Savor the Success has put it best: she calls it the “Give, Give, Get.” The exchange of ideas, connections and tips, as it pertains to business, benefits all of us.

So, in a more formal method of sharing what we have learned, we invite any moms (or dads!) in business to check out our new blog Both Sides of the Retail Table. Each week I, along with former Target buyer Vanessa Ting, reveal both sides of the story regarding what an entrepreneur of a product-based company needs to know to land a coveted spot on major retailers’ shelves. Many entrepreneurs just don’t know where to begin when approaching retailers and there are so many lessons to learn along the way. In the spirit of giving back, we simply desire to share the tips we have learned along our own paths.

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